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Strategies and Supports for Unaccompanied Youth

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

This past month we have been visiting topics that help us understand unaccompanied youth. But what is it that a liaison should actually DO in terms of providing support?

Now that you’ve seen our webinar, read through the blogs and FAQs, and visited our website, take a look at the “to-do’s” or the supports you can provide all unaccompanied youth, regardless of immigration or citizenship status:

All of the above resources provide many “to-do’s” for stakeholders- families, liaisons, educators, and administrators that deal directly with children and potentially identify them as McKinney-Vento eligible. The NYS-TEACHS website is updated regularly for new guidance from federal or state guidance and will continue to provide on-the-ground advice with the helpline in real-time. We look forward to serving you and the children of New York State!

This month at NYSTEACHS: