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Creating Trauma-Informed and Responsive Practices in Schools

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Families in temporary housing may experience trauma due to sudden loss of housing, economic hardship, or adjusting to the conditions of shelter life. This webinar will be provided by the NYS Trauma Informed Network Resource Center. NYS Trauma Informed Network Resource Center (TINRC) is a division of Coordinated Care Services, Inc. (CCSI) that is funded by NYS Office of Mental Health. Its goal is to support and spread trauma-informed work and wellness practices across NYS through connections to resources, events, and each other. This session will address toxic stress, and how it affects the brain and body, if left unchecked. There will also be discussion on the first step in becoming trauma responsive. Additionally, information will be provided on ways the TINRC can support school districts in creating a trauma responsive environment where families and children can find ways to mitigate or eliminate those stressors to go on and live healthily with longevity.

Session 1
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