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NCHE's Connecting Schools and Displaced Students Handbook Series

These printable handbooks relay disaster-related school information to parents, relief agencies, and school districts.

After the Storm: Information for Parents on How Schools Can Help After Disasters
A Parent Handbook

NCHE After the Storm- Parent Handbook_Page_01.jpg

Disaster Relief Agencies and Schools: 
Working Together to Ensure School Enrollment and Success

A Liaison & State Coordinator Handbook

NCHE Disaster Relief-Liaison & State Coordinator Handbook_Page_01.jpg

From the School Office to the Classroom: 
Strategies for Enrolling and Supporting Students Experiencing Homelessness 

A Liaison, Enrollment Staff & School District Administrators Handbook

NCHE Liaison, Enrollment Staff & SD Admin Handbook_Page_01.jpg

The School as a Safety Net:
Connecting Displaced Children With Education and Support Services

A Relief Agency Staff & Volunteer Handbook

NCHE School as a Safety Net-Relief Agency Staff & Volunteer Handbook_Page_01.jpg
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