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End of Year Planning for McKinney-Vento Liaisons

The end of the school year is the ideal time for McKinney-Vento liaisons to reflect on the year that is ending and to look ahead to summer activities and beyond to the upcoming school year. Topics will include year-end reflections, including data verification, Title 1 Set Aside expenditures, conducting check-ins, and providing referrals for McKinney-Vento eligible families. The webinar will also address outreach and identification efforts that can occur over the summer, summer school programming, and needs assessment tools.


During this webinar, participants will be able to:


  • Reflect on the past school year and plan for the next school year

  • Use referrals to serve identified students experiencing temporary housing

  • Conduct Outreach/Identification Efforts over the summer

  • Identify Summer School Provisions of McKinney-Vento Act

  • Reflect on Title I Set Aside expenditures for program planning

Key Resources

PDF of PowerPoint

End of Year Planning for M-V Liaisons WebinarReal Final.jpg

DOC of Online Resources

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