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at Advocates for Children

151 West 30th Street
5th Floor
New York, NY 10001

TEL 800.388.2014
FAX 212.807.6872

Upcoming Workshops and Trainings

04/04/17 McKinney-Vento Enhanced Grantee Meeting (Invite Only)

04/05/17 McKinney-Vento Baseline Grantee Meeting (Invite Only)

Upcoming Webinars

04/04/17 Serving Students in Temporary Housing through District and Community Collaborations (All Audiences)

04/06/17 McKinney-Vento Data Collection and Reporting (NYS, Outside of NYC)

04/25/17 Funding & Reimbursement (All Audiences)

Schedule for Winter/Spring 2017 Webinar Series

Recorded Webinars and Materials

More dates, information and registration

Workshops and Training Materials

Training and Workshop Materials